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User Reviews

LUMOS Projector has lots of 5-star and positive reviews! We have garnered lots of great reviews from owners who have placed their faith and support to us. Take a look at all the satisfied customers and their photo & video reviews!
Based on 1087 reviews
Experiencing new cinematic norm

Lumos Atom, a new affordable portable projector technology. Finally, home cinema is not impossible for us anymore. With high video and audio qualities, all my love one’s are experiencing a cinematic atmosphere from home without hustling to the actual cinema. Highly recommended for whom enjoying cinematic experience privately at home. Worth for every single pennies. 10/10 rating!

Memories in Big Screen

Great way to enjoy my childhood cartoon with my daughter. Love Lumos so much ♡♡♡

LUMOS RAY Home Cinema Projector
Syahrini Shawalludin

Awesome projector and can bring along to anywhere

LUMOS RAY Home Cinema Projector
Syahrini Shawalludin

Dream come true..Affordable but superb excellent projector n speaker..minion but powerful..

LUMOS NANO, Kecik² Cili Api!!!!

Mula² beli sebabnya kegunaan mengajar di dalam kelas memandangkan kdg² ada masalah elektrik.. 'blackout' selalu. Jadi tertarik nak try lumos nano yg 'wireless/ rechargeable' projector.. belum naik sek, ckgnya pula yg teruja guna untuk nonton movie² lama. Lagi² time line wifi/internet yg kejap² hilang ni, sambungkan external, LUMOS NANO jadi penyelamat kebosanan...Screen yg cukup besar dan jelas, warna pun terang, sound yg bombastik mcm tgk wayang... ape lagi, Jom tonton dgn Lumos Nano!!!

Love it!

My honest review for this LUMOS Ray Projector :-
• The colour of the graphic is great! Just adjust the the sharpness to focus on the resolution.
• The sound is fine. No delay at all.
• The LUMOS Ray Projector itself is in compact size. Very compatible and easy to bring to anywhere.
• A perfect size to store them.

Rate it for 5/5! I love it ♥️

Cinema-ing at home is fun.

My 1st room theater experience with these Lumos Nano and Lighting Mood projectors. Nice💋🥰🍷

Best Home Cinema

I don't need to go to the cinema many times. I enjoy watching movies and series in home using RAY.

mini home cinema                         

Good projector purchase so far


I like this projector so much! Easy to setup and easy to carry everywhere ♥️

Portable and Packs a Punch

Nearly bought a big brand name and was reviewing different options when Lumos popped up.

Love how portable it is and how it has a built in speakers which does pack a punch for its size and price (guys if u are benchmarking it against a Bose or B&O then it’s really unrealistic).

For the price and portability best in range.

Super convenient with Lumos Nano

I am health entrepreneur needs frequent on the site presentation in clients home, office, & even at cafe. Limited by tablet screen size. Lumos nano offer me the ultra portability, large screen projection, with amazing readable image in normal lighting. Best partner with a portable pull up screen. I am strongly recommended this ultra portable Lumos Nano.

Super power gadget

Very portable gadget where you can play at anywhere and anytime with easy operated. Recommended

LUMOS RAY Home Cinema Projector
Stacey Saw Chia Chia

Just receive my Lumos Ray today, finally a dream come true for having my very own Mini Theater at home! After giving birth to my first child, it is super difficult for me to go for a movie at the cinema and it's have been 5 years I never enter the cinema till now. I always wanted to have a quality home cinema projector but the price always a Stop for me, as a housewife, it is super unaffordable for me. Now with a high specification projector with a super affordable price, it is a Dream Come True for me. Finally I can have my very own mini theater at home! Thanks Lumos.


My dream projector♥️ I really love the smart lumos ray. No need tv and no need to go to the cinema to watch movies. The sound, the display, i really love it.

Love for Lumos Ray

Thank you for making our dream having our own cinema at home.

No regrets of purchasing this projector. Love our Lumos Ray YouTube video placeholder
Lumos projector is the best

This is my 2nd time purchase Lumos projector. Never regret to buy it to put it on my bedroom and living room.
Love the quality and the sound was so loud and clear too.
Worth the money !
This is my 2nd time purchase Lumos projector. Never regret to buy it to put it on my bedroom and living room.
Love the quality and the sound was so loud and clear too.
Worth the money !


I’ve always been looking for a projector for my room and seeing so many of their ads on tiktok and their good reviews, I had to buy it!! and might I say, it was WORTH EVERY PENNY!! Really love the quality and the sound was so loud and clear too! It’s portable and easy to set up as well! I really loved it to the point I even made a whole tiktok video review on it to share how good it is 😂 Thank you LUMOS 🙏🏻❤️

Amazing Projector

Loved my new Auro projector.. best projector purchase so far

Really worth to buy!

简直不后悔去买了lumos ray smart,又便宜又好,我买的是内置YouTube Netflix google pay store Bluetooth ,画面也很不错,以这个价位买的已经很棒了,超级推荐购买

Best bang for the buck home cinema projector for 2022!

Looking for a projector to enjoy your high-definition movies or Netflix shows at up to 300" in size without breaking your bank? Look no further, Lumos Auro is your answer!

Bought this projector a few months back at a discounted price and my daughters and I we all just LOVE it! Now we get to enjoy great shows with huge screen on the weekends, and we even play Nintendo Switch on it!

Also, we decided to make a video to promote it to friends and families - because good things are worth sharing! YouTube video placeholder
Worth to buy!

Worth the money ! It’s very clear . Love it 😍


Lumos Ray Home Cinema was so superb amazing quality...Tq coz made our home like cinema....Perfect job Lumos....

Awesome projector!!

Its good to have a home cinema. With Lumos Auro, this becomes reality 😊 It is useful for my work as well when it comes to make a presentation.👍🏼👍🏼

Best Cinematic experince

A great way to watch ur favourite music videos and movies.. extended upto 300 inch