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User Reviews

LUMOS Projector has lots of 5-star and positive reviews! We have garnered lots of great reviews from owners who have placed their faith and support to us. Take a look at all the satisfied customers and their photo & video reviews!
Based on 922 reviews
Home cinema dream comes true!

Price is reasonable.
Excellent sound system.
Resolution is amazing.
Finest quality product.
Easy to setup.
Convenient to carry around.
Totally worth to get one if you are still considering!

Terpancar Kepuasan

Mengesankan, menghiburkan, dan meninggalkan kepuasan kepada mereka yang menikmatinya! LUMOS RAY menjadikan bilik tidurku sebagai mini pawagam.

Best Birthday Gift🎁

2021 was a rough year for me. But everything changed once I got Lumos Ray. I got this as a birthday gift from ny parents and it was THE BEST gift I got so far. The quality and clarity is good and even the sound system is 💯. Now I can watch my Netflix, Youtube, Amazon Prime and Disney Plus everywhere. I'm so happy to own one. Worth the price💯. Own yours now.

My very FIRST projector!

I am glad to bought this Lumos Auro (Smart Version) together with RIZE stand as it has built-in Android which I can watch Disney Hotstar, Netflix and also Youtube by downloading the app. Although I have set up at the left corner of my room, the built-in Dolby Digital Sound Surround is working great as it able to blast the sound to the entire room like it is having stereo speakers, of course it will be better if I have another setup of a separate stereo speakers. I am aslo able to set upt the viewing angle and size through their "Four Point Scaling" to adjust to my wall size and the tilted location of my projector.
Overall, it is a good buy and investment to create a smart home theatre.

Lumos is the best choice

good quality video,color shap and speaker sound

Beautiful picture, satisfied buy

Beautiful picture, satisfied buy..

Best projector

Feel like at cinema!!!

Great Amazing Lumos Projector for my Bedroom

I got to say that the Lumos Projector really impressed me!! Look at my set up where even though the position of my Projector is placed sideway, the setting of Lumos can adjust to be as if it is placed from the front. Really satisfied and happy with my Lumos Projector. Should definitely consider getting it especially the one with Netflix and YouTube in built. Love it!!!

the best smart projector

I love watching movie and to live with this endemic era what i need just a wall and boom ! perfect to enjoy the fullest of my life.. I will recommend this to my family and friends or myb another one lumos for me? hehe.. stay safe and enjoy your home cinema with the loves one!

Awesome Projector

Feels like wacthing in cinema. Superb dolby sound

Trully awesome

Awesome projector. I bring it every where now. Kids loves it!!

Doesn’t hurt your eyes if watch in the dark compare a UHD TV.

Lumos Ray, worth it!

I love this Lumos ray so much as it is high resolution and affordable price. I use this to have a movie night with my family. This home cinema projector makes our day, as during pandemic we are boring at home. Will recommend it to my friend! YouTube video placeholder
Best Projector Ever😍😍

Very worth i can have my own cinema at home♥️♥️ Massive thanks Lumos Projector💝💝💝💝

LUMOS RAY Home Cinema Projector
mohamad adib bin peter
lumos ray projector

produk memang mantap


We are very satisfied with this fabulous Lumos Auro Projector
Had a very movie screening time with large screen in the comfort of our own home. YouTube video placeholder
Love lumos💕

Not only for watch movies, karoke is onnnnn. I love the sound and the quality picture. Can bring for travel its so convenient

Quality projector

Cinema quality projector

5 star

good quality video,color shap n spker sound best..tq LUMOS,i recommend the product my friend

My baby love it

Small and convenient. Sound good and projector view is clear. Many TV apps can use. My baby Like to watch it..

Lumos nano projector

I really love this projector, i use it for my classes. Kids love it very much and me too. I could bring it in my bag, just like bringing my phone. U just need a pouch n u can bring joy in the class. Thank you lumos for the great experiance

Home cinema is no longer a dream

Very satisfied with my LUMOS Ray Smart, received it fast less than a week and value for money. The overall box out till completed setup took less than 5mins and now I have my mini cinema at my room, dream come true! BIG screen, HD quality, sharp colour and great build in sound system. On top of that, rich features like YouTube, Netflix and more important to me is airplay feature. Wah! Excellent experience and love it. Thanks for great product, LUMOS. You have make many people dream come true.

Lumos Ray Smart Home Cinema Projector

A very convenient well built small machine which gaves user alot of fun!
I was impress with the performance it produced, the lumen is more than enough at day & night how ever the audio is loud and bassy even in wide open space, the speaker performed well.
Bought this smart Ray for room and wanted to try out Auro for living room in future!
You're doing great Lumos. Keep it up 💪🏻

Coffee & chill vibes in the morning, ceiling aquarium at night!!

Venti, Grande, Tall and then Nano 😂😂 As a speaker for listening to music in the day. At night watch documentaries on Netflix. My bf said that my room become SEA aquarium 😂😂

Home cinema

Satisfied with this Lumos Auro Projector. The Video Quality is Good. Sound good. Have a good weekend spend with family for home cinema. Thanks Lumos