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User Reviews

LUMOS Projector has lots of 5-star and positive reviews! We have garnered lots of great reviews from owners who have placed their faith and support to us. Take a look at all the satisfied customers and their photo & video reviews!
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My dream projector♥️ I really love the smart lumos ray. No need tv and no need to go to the cinema to watch movies. The sound, the display, i really love it.

Love for Lumos Ray

Thank you for making our dream having our own cinema at home.

No regrets of purchasing this projector. Love our Lumos Ray YouTube video placeholder
Lumos projector is the best

This is my 2nd time purchase Lumos projector. Never regret to buy it to put it on my bedroom and living room.
Love the quality and the sound was so loud and clear too.
Worth the money !
This is my 2nd time purchase Lumos projector. Never regret to buy it to put it on my bedroom and living room.
Love the quality and the sound was so loud and clear too.
Worth the money !


I’ve always been looking for a projector for my room and seeing so many of their ads on tiktok and their good reviews, I had to buy it!! and might I say, it was WORTH EVERY PENNY!! Really love the quality and the sound was so loud and clear too! It’s portable and easy to set up as well! I really loved it to the point I even made a whole tiktok video review on it to share how good it is 😂 Thank you LUMOS 🙏🏻❤️

Amazing Projector

Loved my new Auro projector.. best projector purchase so far

Really worth to buy!

简直不后悔去买了lumos ray smart,又便宜又好,我买的是内置YouTube Netflix google pay store Bluetooth ,画面也很不错,以这个价位买的已经很棒了,超级推荐购买

Best bang for the buck home cinema projector for 2022!

Looking for a projector to enjoy your high-definition movies or Netflix shows at up to 300" in size without breaking your bank? Look no further, Lumos Auro is your answer!

Bought this projector a few months back at a discounted price and my daughters and I we all just LOVE it! Now we get to enjoy great shows with huge screen on the weekends, and we even play Nintendo Switch on it!

Also, we decided to make a video to promote it to friends and families - because good things are worth sharing! YouTube video placeholder
Worth to buy!

Worth the money ! It’s very clear . Love it 😍


Lumos Ray Home Cinema was so superb amazing quality...Tq coz made our home like cinema....Perfect job Lumos....

Awesome projector!!

Its good to have a home cinema. With Lumos Auro, this becomes reality 😊 It is useful for my work as well when it comes to make a presentation.👍🏼👍🏼

Best Cinematic experince

A great way to watch ur favourite music videos and movies.. extended upto 300 inch

Cinema in the House !

Good resolution with clear voice ! Love it !

A must for your home 🏠

Get 6000 lumens home cinema projector with affordable price.Quality is impressive and my kids really enjoy it. Definitely value for money. Place your order now. Thanks LUMOS 😘

Nice n recommend 💓💓💓⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Lumos auro smart projector

The visual quality absolutely impressive,my family was totally enjoyed it , not regret to have one in your house,superb 👍🏻

great projector

very high definition speakers very clear

Small but powerful. Not Netflix but Disney Hotstar can watch.

Lumos Nano very good portable projector. Small but powerful. Because using Android OS, not Netflix but many player can install. Can use wireless projector from laptop. Very good for teacher to teach at school.

The Very Great Lumos Nano in da House!

Small rice chilies.. even small ones are fiery.. for a limited room space this nano projector really gives a very powerful effect.. the sound of a loud bass bang is like enjoying the atmosphere of the stage.. the clear picture that can be adjusted is very captivating and satisfying heart.. this nano projector is a smart choice to travel anywhere.. small but great!

Perfect for Teaching

This Nano unit is small and portable. It is suitable for teaching especially for schools that have limited power outlets.

We tried both in an open area and in an enclosed classroom. Of course, in an enclosed classroom it is much more brighter and sharp.

Attached are pictures from an open classroom area.

The touch pad above the unit is sensitive and easy to use. Apple airplay is easy to use . Just need to connect it to the same wifi that your phone/tablet/laptop is connected to.

The volume is wickedly loud so you don’t have to worry about that.

Apart from the delivery, very pleased with this product. Highly recommend for school teachers .

Wish they can have like a special price for educators in Malaysia. It will be very helpful.

Thank you again and kind regards.

LUMOS RAY Home Cinema Projector
Syed Fairuz Bin Syed Mohamed Salehuddin
betul2 raya

terkenang semasa dulu, ada wayang pacak. sekurang-kurangnya, dapat beri pengalaman pada generasi kini..semua orang gembira dapat tengok tayangan terbuka.


I have always wanted to see full starry night and aurora in the sky & this projector made it as close as what I have wanted. The 1st night I turned this on in my room was just breathtaking! Even my cats were in awe! The sound was also great. Thanks for having this item on sale!

Nice projector ever

I love it so much. I have been decide for so long for Lumos projector. Finally I bought Ray and won't be regrets for it. Their picture, sound was perfect. Ray is easy to function as well.

Love it!! Ray~~

Really cute design, easy to use, easy to bring to anywhere and real cinema experience in the comfort of my own bed. Sayang cannot have pop corns though XDXD

LUMOS RAY Heme Cinema Projector

Good for school conducted the assembly.