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Want to watch LUMOS AURO Projector in action? Look at all these real life demos and you'll be convinced why so many people are loving our home-cinema projectors. Amazing image quality, vivid colors, rich surround sound with inbuilt Netflix & Youtube!

A Review for All: Let Ajam from VOCKET, give you a full demo on how to "Bring The Cinema Home"! (Bahasa Melayu)

Ajam shows you how he projects a 100 inch screen with super bright & HD graphics. Impressive mobile gaming via Mirror Screen too!

A Review for All: Watch Bella Khan's Funny Sharing on her LUMOS Auro Home Setup! (Bahasa Melayu)

Bella Khan, Malaysia's Top Influencer, will choose LUMOS Auro any day as she loves the projection quality & good value for money!

A Review for Parents: Watch Amani, unbox and enjoy LUMOS Auro with his 2 daughters! (Bahasa Melayu)

Amani, Malaysia's top Youtuber, & his family dances with BTS & Black Pink on big screen + playing mobile games on the big screen!

A Review for All: Watch Yvonne from KLGadgetTV play PS5 on a GV CINEMA screen on LUMOS AURO?!

Yvonne from KLGadgetGuy tries 100 inch PS5 gaming in an empty GV Cinema Hall to see how LUMOS Auro can match up n a REAL Cinema!

A Review for All: LUMOS Auro Projector Vs CANON MP250 - Who will win? Let Wiser shows you!!

Between this LUMOS Auro and Canon MP250, which is better? Which is more suitable for your home? Which one fits better in your pocket? Let's watch this video.

A Review for Mobile Users: Watch Eric's Mirroring Demos with LUMOS Auro Home Projector! (Chinese)

Eric Lim from Style Up Malaysia unbox and try both our Airscreen & Mcast with his Iphone & Android Phones! Cool Stuff.