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LUMOS Projector has lots of 5-star and positive reviews! Being a proud local brand, we have garnered lots of great reviews from owners who have placed their faith and support to us. Take a look at all the satisfied customers and their photo reviews!
Based on 1125 reviews
Amazing view

I like it so much, beautiful aurora

nice projector

Yep! is true, i'm bring LUMOS AURO on Stage, it sure working good and fit the solution for event too!!

Good customer service and follow-up, clear visuals

I received my Lumos Ray a few days after placing my order online. However, there was overheating issue likely due to a faulty fan. I sought assistance from Lumos via email with videos and pictures of the faulty unit and was promptly replied. Exchange/Replacement of the faulty unit with a new unit was arranged quite smoothly and a week later I am finally able to enjoy watching videos on my new Lumos Ray. Except for the initial disappointment of not being able to enjoy my new projector earlier and having to repack back the faulty unit, everything else is great. The replacement unit worked just fine - audio and visuals are clear! Thanks

Cinema in my own room finally!❤️

Finally i can have my own cinema in my room and i can watch my favourite movies and kdrama. Before this i need to wait till my daughter finished watching her show on tv and at night is my husband turn to watch football. Now with Lumos Dawn that have best picture quality , I don't need to wait for my turn to watch TV anymore.

This Is Everything I Want About A Projector!

I wanted a home cinema in my comfy room. Someone suggested me Lumos & after much consideration, I decided to go with Lumos Nano, which was an awesome decision! Never regret it; so WORTH THE MONEY!  You can't compare it with a TV, but in the projector world, this is the best among the affordable ones (even better than more expensive ones). I love how it has a touchpad, low noise, max 10-inchs screen size (really cinema feel), superb quality at 50-inchs screen size, and aesthetic, simple, clean, and modern  design. I especially love that it's so small, making it SUPER PORTABLE, and that it has built-in batteries so I can watch without plugging in cable! I always love easy, quick, and simple stuff. This is everything I want in a projector. If you're thinking of having a super portable projector with more than just a normal projector, this is it. Go, get it.


Saya amat berpuas hati dengan pembelian mini projektor LUMOS ini kerana memudahkan proses pengajaran dan pembelajaran saya di sekolah. Saya tak perlu risau lagi nak cari suis untuk disambung atau angkut pembesar suara !

The video and pict was clear and sharp.

I bought lumos ray smart version. Am watching videos and movies with it. They're sharp and clear futher more the voice are clear like having private cinema at home. It's worthy for money and can be carry everywhere. I love it. 🤩🤩

Lumos dawn the best

I already receive my Lumos Dawn and its very light and the videos come out really niceeeee… built in youtube and netflix make my life easier.. so no youtube in smartphone or my tab/ipad because there are Lumos Dawn with meeeee

Lumos Nano

Beli Lumos Nano sbb jenis portable...satu²nya projector yg sy jumpa jenis portable...jadi jimat masa utk sy gunakan dalam kelas ketika mengajar tak perlu buang masa utk pasang plug... Paparan yang jelas dan besar...ada play store dan Netflix jadi mudah utk install pelbagai aplikasi dan tgk movie...sangat memudahkan urusan sy utk mengajar dan blh menjadikan sesi pengajaran lebih seronok dan interaktif... Love Lumos Nano 🥰🥰🥰

Night with Lumos~

Awesome! Movie night with Lumos Projector and great audio system! Love it!

So convenient

No more lugging 3 separate items to class: laptop, projector & speaker! And it doubling as a speaker on its own is such a bonus when doing "Listening" activity in class. Plus the ability to mirror from phone is such an awesome feature. My teachers and I always commented how it makes our lessons easy breezy coz we don't need to spend so much time to set up.

Most Affordable Home Cinema Projector

A small but powerful Home Cinema projector with exceptional sound quality.

Lomus Review by Rashidah

Picture quality is very clear. Sound quality is very good. Portable and lightweight. Easy to use for your presentation in clients' home or office. Just plug in and you can enjoy the large screen projection with amazing readable image. Highly recommended for those who are looking for a high quality yet very affordable projector.

We love LUMOS NANO ❤️

麻雀虽小 五脏俱全

A must have projector for every home

Amazing projector with awesome spec at affordable price. It's definitely a must have for all home. Love it. 👍🏻

👍👍😎 Beyond expectations quality + cheap + affordable + big screen = EPIC HOME CINEMA

Lumos is epic experience for movie lover like me, no more little screen on phone. Been searching for a good home cinema projector, cheap and affordable for long time already and this lumos dawn really impressed me. Video quality is superb, sound is shiok and screen is big big big like cinema. Best is in comfort of my own room. Super up 👍

😍😍 Kpop concert in my bedroom

The quality of video was soooo awesome really felt like i have my own little cinema. My room become a mini-kpop concert venue!!! 🥰👌🏻 Now always looking forward going back 2 my room!

Movie Nights with Lumos

My movies nights are extra special with Lumos Ray Home Cinema Projector. Amazing projection and fits perfectly in my cosy space.

Experiencing new cinematic norm

Lumos Atom, a new affordable portable projector technology. Finally, home cinema is not impossible for us anymore. With high video and audio qualities, all my love one’s are experiencing a cinematic atmosphere from home without hustling to the actual cinema. Highly recommended for whom enjoying cinematic experience privately at home. Worth for every single pennies. 10/10 rating!

Memories in Big Screen

Great way to enjoy my childhood cartoon with my daughter. Love Lumos so much ♡♡♡

LUMOS RAY Home Cinema Projector
Syahrini Shawalludin

Awesome projector and can bring along to anywhere

LUMOS RAY Home Cinema Projector
Syahrini Shawalludin

Dream come true..Affordable but superb excellent projector n speaker..minion but powerful..

LUMOS NANO, Kecik² Cili Api!!!!

Mula² beli sebabnya kegunaan mengajar di dalam kelas memandangkan kdg² ada masalah elektrik.. 'blackout' selalu. Jadi tertarik nak try lumos nano yg 'wireless/ rechargeable' projector.. belum naik sek, ckgnya pula yg teruja guna untuk nonton movie² lama. Lagi² time line wifi/internet yg kejap² hilang ni, sambungkan external, LUMOS NANO jadi penyelamat kebosanan...Screen yg cukup besar dan jelas, warna pun terang, sound yg bombastik mcm tgk wayang... ape lagi, Jom tonton dgn Lumos Nano!!!

Love it!

My honest review for this LUMOS Ray Projector :-
• The colour of the graphic is great! Just adjust the the sharpness to focus on the resolution.
• The sound is fine. No delay at all.
• The LUMOS Ray Projector itself is in compact size. Very compatible and easy to bring to anywhere.
• A perfect size to store them.

Rate it for 5/5! I love it ♥️

Cinema-ing at home is fun.

My 1st room theater experience with these Lumos Nano and Lighting Mood projectors. Nice💋🥰🍷