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LUMOS Projector has lots of 5-star and positive reviews! Being a proud local brand, we have garnered lots of great reviews from owners who have placed their faith and support to us. Take a look at all the satisfied customers and their photo reviews!
Based on 640 reviews
Best Projector Eveeeeer

What a great vibes🔥The quality was above my expectation and the audio was awesome. I'm glad that I'm not hesitate to buy this one. Thank You LUMOS!


Small, compact, portable, practical projector for indoor and outdoor usage.Of course with powerful sound system. Even our cats love it😍

Good Quality Projector

I upgraded my projector from no brand to lumos ray smart. The best smart projector with perfect quality of picture & sound! I love it ❤️ You will no regret to get one for yourself😍

Love LUMOS Projector so much

Super love this projector, the graphics clear, sounds great like we are watching movie in theatre, no regret at all after bought this back home

Comfort made available at home

Have been eyeing and finally got this after short wait. Customer service was nice and friendly and most importantly the quality of the clearness, sound and all were superb. Home cinema is easily achievable and I could enjoy my weekly drama-thon just from the bed.

Good for teaching!

Love this cute projector I can easily bring it everywhere. Besides using it as a home cinema, I can also use it in my classroom for teaching. Very portable with a good quality speaker. I’m sure my students gonna love my class!! Thank you Lumos😍

The Best Home Theatre

If you enjoy watching movies on a big screen, and especially do so in the comfort of home, the LUMOS Auro Projector is the best with a display resolution of Full HD 1080p, with 6000 lumens of brightness which give very clear, bright and good sound system

Nice projector

I like this Lumos projector

Lumos Ray Home Cinema Projector

I've been eyeing this projector since April 2021. At last, manage to buy in July 2021. It met all the criteria tht I want in a projector. Portable. Hve speaker. Sharp image/video projectile. Has YouTube & Netflix. Lengkapp. So far, 7 org dh tnye nk beli projector ni kat mne. Share link, setel. Mudah.

My Lumos Auro

Good quality and kept the family entertain especially during this lockdown. 👍

LUMOS RAY Home Cinema Projector
Mohd Ain Hakim Bin Baharnuddin

I love this Lumos Ray Projector so much! Now I finally can watch a movie without going to cinema! Recommended! 10/10

Children times

Very clear and very nice

LUMOS RAY Home Cinema Projector
Worth it !!!

No word can describe this worth it feeling when you can make your kids enjoy their favourite show using this “ home cinema”
No laptop , no smart phone , dont worry , NETFLIX still ON using this Smart Lumos at your own “ cinema “!!!

Good entertainment tools

Very nice and clear visual and audio while enjoying it! Much love 💕

Reviews of after use the projector

I bought the projector of lumos ray. When I received the parcel, I scare it will be difficult to install. In fact, I opened the parcel then I install was very easily. Besides, the quality of resolution is very good. And I can feel the sound of projector around my room. Good value for money !


这个Lumos Auro Projector 比我想象中的还要好。
新家原本想买个smart tv的,不过考虑到65寸的smart tv都要3千多。不如买一个投影不就更加好。看了看淘宝,2千-3千马币的投影机有很多,可是就当心买了万一坏了怎么办。
最后我女友就叫我去看这个lumos projector. 看了后直接下单,因为便宜又有保家。

到了后才发现,wow, 比想象中的好。
画质真的很不错,声音也很大声(开到最大都不会爆掉这样的声音)买smart package的最好,连上家里的unifi/手机hotsport就能看netflix /youtube了。 FMCO 在家看电影的感觉超棒👍
相信我,不用考虑了,直接下单lumos projector 吧!

The Best Home Cinema Ever 😍😍

A very recommended projector to change our home as a Cinema.Sound really clear and pictures really good..Delivery also fast even though i’m from East Malaysia.I’m really satisfied with this Projector 🥰

Lumos Ray Smart

这架小小台的Lumos Ray Smart也太厉害了,让我完成了一个小小心愿可以在家里看着大大的大屏幕的小电影。功能也很多如:看YouTube,看Netflix,加install Tvbox Apps(Lemmvoie &Lemlive),用SD Card 看戏等等。

LUMOS RAY Home Cinema Projector

Really recommend this projector to transform our room become an epic private cinema experience!!.. sound and screen very sharp and lound. Thank You LUMOS PROJECTOR you made my day everyday!!! 🥳🥳🥰😍

Portable projector like a mini ice box.

I have other big projector, so this serve as a portable mini theatre with basic smart tv function. I use my external speaker for better experience every night for movie time.

Dream comes true!

I’ve always wanted my own home cinema and LUMOS AURO realizes that! the best smart projector with perfect quality of picture & sound! i love it ❤️

A VERY GOOD Home Cinema

Lumos Ray Projector is very good to use in home, very clear and loud speaker! The connection of wifi also very fast! I like to watch movie via app download from google app!

LUMOS Brings the Joy and Magic of the Movies Right to Your Home!

Trust me, there is no better time than now to own a 5-Star yet affordable Smart Projector! I always wanted a smart HD TV in my room until I discovered LUMOS. Better yet, it only costs a fraction of it! Thanks to LUMOS AURO HOME Smart Projector, I can now turn my room into a mini home theatre! With up to 300-inch crystal clear display and Dolby audio supported, I can watch my favorite movies on Netflix or listen to my favorite playlists on YouTube anytime directly from my LUMOS AURO smart projector. Life can still be GREAT even during this pandemic!!

Great cinema at home!

My kids really like it, no more watching TV since got the LUMOS RAY Home Cinema Projector. Sharpness and brightness even on the light, awesome projector and easy to use. Value for money. Not regret to buy it.

LUMOS RAY Home Cinema Projector
Yuzrifa Mohd Jalani
Lumos Ray Home Cinema Projector Experience

Bought a Lumos Ray Home Cinema Projector. I'm a happy customer & fully satisfied with the quality of the video. Feels like I'm in the real cinema. Easy to handle & worth of investment.