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Projektor LUMOS mempunyai banyak ulasan 5 bintang dan positif! Sebagai jenama tempatan yang membanggakan, kami telah memperoleh banyak ulasan hebat daripada pemilik yang telah meletakkan kepercayaan dan sokongan mereka kepada kami. Lihat semua pelanggan yang berpuas hati dan ulasan foto mereka!

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Portable and Powerful!

I took some time before decided to purchase Lumos Flip. It’s an awesome, compact and powerful projector. It took some time to sign up my YouTube but once it’s done - it’s so convenient and less strain on my eyes than TV screen. I hope it last long and durable! Love it very much!

Great 👍

Loving the mood lighting projector! It not just a projector but it also double as my speaker. The sound quality is great and it comes with a remote that allows you to change the styles. It also comes with a timer feature and it will off at the selected timing which is awesome! Great buy!

Nice lights

Love the product(s)!

Aurora Borealis at home

When you can’t go to Aurora, bring Aurora home instead. Or rather something similar to polar lights effect😆. This Lumos Mood Lighting Projector - 3 colours to select, add stars/crescent moon, play music via its built-in Bluetooth speaker. I bought 4- 1 for self, 3 for kids gift. Need to get a few more.

Lumos Projector Honest Review

After stating the Lumos Mood Projector, I found it to be a very worthy purchase. The Lumos project certainly delivers to its claims and it's tricolour lighting sure helps to set the mood effectively. It has much more vibrancy than other projectors and with its massive 300" coverage, it will cover whatever ceiling or wall you have. It is customisable with an included remote and you can place the projector in 4 different positions to ensure that it can project to whatever surface you want. Not only that, but they went above and beyond with a built-in Bluetooth speaker! Now it's much more effective at creating a mood and atmosphere than any other projectors. With its night sky and stars mode, the Lumos Mood project is sure not to disappoint anyone and can be used for many different areas. Although it does shake a bit when it is placed at a tilted angle when there is music playing, it is not too major and the other features of the Lumos Mood projector more than make up for it. It is a great product and I am very happy to own it now. I would highly recommend to anyone else that wants a projector capable of projecting and creating a variety of moods!

LUMOS MOOD Lighting Projector
Lumos Mood lighting projector

Light projection was wide and colors projected was very beautiful and soothing. Can even play songs from your hp. All you need to on the blue tooth from your phone . One stone kills 2 birds- Light & sound experience. Wonderful and Fabulous visual and audio experience. Was happy about my decision to purchase it.

Really impressed with the service.

Very fast reply with any of my enquire. The item is working very well that serve all my needs. Really worth of buying. U won’t regret.

Smart & Wonderful ATOM!

The Atom Home Cinema Projector is such a wonderful addition to any home.
With a great resolution when projected on a white wall, projector screen is no longer a pre requisite.

Image is sharp and video is smooth.

An absolute value for money!


Contemplated for a Lumos projector for the longest time and finally decided to give it a shot. BRAVO I did not regret even a bit after receiving it and setting it up! Easy to set up, and easy to connect to my Sonos Era100. I could also use my Sonos app to control and play the audio from other Sonos devices. Love the seamless connection!

Clear, sharp images even in the day (of cos havento draw the curtains).

Seriously loving the set up and now more movie or Karoake nights! Also love it that it is small and portable and I could just bring it everywhere!

Thank you LUMOS!

Best Among This Price Range.

Very good quality projection, even during the day at standard brightness you can watch the video clearly....Speaker wise it is very clear, you can pair it with your expensive speaker if you want.

Best Among This Price Range.

Very good quality projection, even during the day at standard brightness you can watch the video clearly. If it is in fact 6000 lumen it will be about 2500 ANSI Lumen based on Google. Its impossible to get 2500 ANSI Lumen at this price range. Speaker wise it is very clear, you can pair it with your expensive speaker if you want.

Lumos Flip Projector: Big Screen Magic in a Small Package

I recently bought the Lumos Flip Projector and I couldn’t be happier! I started off by watching a trailer of "Godzilla Minus One," aiming for that full-on cinematic experience, and wow, it delivered! The visual quality is razor-sharp, and the sound is crystal clear.

As a huge anime fan, my next test was with an anime, which is perfect for checking colour vibrancy and motion clarity. Animes are notorious for their rapid action sequences and vibrant colours, not to mention the need for clear subtitles.

The Lumos Flip Projector aced all three tests! The colour accuracy is spot on, frame transitions on action sequences are smooth, and subtitles are perfectly legible.

For the price point, I’m beyond impressed. It’s a compact powerhouse that truly delivers!

fuss free and easy!

Honestly it's super fuss free, easy to set up and convenient with a build in speaker and netflix/youtube. would really recommend!

Great Projector!

Enjoying my time watching High School Musical with my new projector!

LUMOS FLIP Home Cinema Projector
Ma. Vannessa Rubin w
Lumos Flip

Amazing projector it is

nice very good

can see youtube ps4 swtich also can

Item received in good condition

Item received in good condition, thanks seller

Such a powerful yet highly affordable projector.

Has smart features too

Love it.

Fast delivery. Why would t I buy sooner. Gonna bring this to overseas too .

Best Feature:360 degrees

Small and impactful projector! Value for money!

I love it.

Got it the next day after ordering. I love it. Used it for 3 weeks alrd.

Nice quality

Hope it lasts!!! Just got it today and works well!

Value for money

Delivery too sometimes to arrive after purchase. Other than that it's worth the wait.

good worth the money

Video shows with light
Photo taken without light ( day time draw curtain)

Lumos Tower Projector

It has a pretty sleek look and came in a good size.